Share high-resolution photos!

View huge images on the web
Organize your folders for others
Add annotations and collaborate
Upload huge images and share with others

EasyZoom is an innovative platform for uploading and sharing high-resolution photographs as well as crypto-art, i.e. artwork consisting of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

EasyZoom supports all common file formats for photos (jpg, tif, png, pdf, psd) Users can easily upload and share files of e.g. 2 GB with a resolution of 200,000 x 200,000 px.

Everyone can see the images directly in his browser.


Upload gigapixel images and easily view them in your browser by zooming


Annotate your huge images and collaborate with other users


Share your high-resolution images by secret link or embed as iFrame

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Enhance your collaboration with editors by letting them add annotations to your images. You can make your image private and then open access by the link with possibility to add anotations.


Add annotations and collaborate


Upload high-resolution images and easily view them in your browser by zooming. We support many different formats like photographic JPG ... But if you are a designer or an architect, feel free to upload PSD, PDF, PNG, TIFF formats.


Annotate your gigapixel images to add a new perspective to them. Add text, images, links or videos inside annotations. Let others annotate your big images or photos and you will have an interactive medium where you could explain, discuss and communicate.

Embed your slide

You can embed your slide into any website with the PathoZoom® iFrame. So everyone can see it in full quality in high resolution.


Browse around all the high-resolution pictures we have in categories such as Art, Astronomy, Photography, Medicine, Microscopy, Graphic Design, and others.




Our service hosted in Azure, which allows us be instantly scalable, reliably secure and 99.99% available.


EasyZoom can be easily integrated to your software by using iFrames, communicating with our restful HTTP API or through our SDK.

Mobile Ready

Web-based solution works in both desktop and mobile browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and others.

Use cases

High Resolution Photography

Panorama or macro photos can be easily shared through EasyZoom. You can upload and host your images inside EasyZoom and then embed them on your website using iframe or API.


Internet shop can host high-resolution photos of their goods and then embed to their website, so users can see everyhing in detail.

Interactive Media

You can use the service to host interactive images by adding different annotations: texts, images, links, videos. And then integrate it to your website or a blog.

Maps and Plans

EasyZoom can be a right place for hosting big-sized maps and high-resolution plans. Users can put their annotations with additional details.


Museum and galleries are also welcome to EasyZoom to host their art object photos in high-resolution.